Technical work seating – we have it covered!

Require a technical or more appropriate work chair?…. we’ve got it covered!

Certain work environments call for a specific type of work chair, often of a specification that isn’t met by a standard office chair range.

Spectrum Healthcare offer a range of technical work seating for use in a wide range of work environments, from static-sensitive and “GMP” clean rooms to production and everything in between.

So what is the working environment? And what are the general requirements needed in a work chair?

  • laboratory or medical facilities – you probably need anti-microbial and bleach cleanable finish. Lab benches tend to be higher than desks so a high chair is also likely, glides or brake-loaded castors?
  • clean room manufacturing or research – what classification of clean room is it; 3,5 or 7? Roughly translated the lower the class the lower the allowable level of particulates/m³ of air and the right, or wrong, chair quickly contributes to the levels achieved.
  • G.M.P manufacturing – may require clean room standard seating plus covered mechs and easily cleanable finish.
  • static-sensitive production – will require ESD and anti-static seating. The static charge produced by the average human can easily blow any micro-chip circuitry which is not a good thing when producing, for example, aeronautical components or weapons guidance systems!  Electro-static-dispersive seating neutralises this risk within a static safe environment.
  • tough production environments – use PU for robust durability combines with comfort. Plus of course die-cast aluminium bases and quality gas lifts to take the beating these chairs may take on multi-shift production sites. Sit-stand or stool for ease of operator movement?
  • wet room environments – you will need stainless steel not chrome to cope with the cleaning routine!

Modular in design and made to an excellent standard, our chairs are tailored to both the user and their work environment. Not only are they comfortable to sit on, they offer plenty of room for healthy, dynamic sitting thanks to their ergonomic design, tilt-adjustable seats and backrests with individually adjustable contact pressure – all of which can be adapted easily, with just a few quick movements.

Whether you’re looking for a high chair, low chair or even a stool, in fabric, vinyl, PU or EDS specification – we’ve got it covered!

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