Emergency Preparedness in the USA

It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to support our USA distributor, Advanced Egress Solutions, at two conference in the USA this year and offer our knowledge and expertise to delegates, along with introducing further devices into the market.

April saw our International Director, Steve Clark, travel to Orlando for the 14th annual Emergency Preparedness Conference. Organized by the Joint Commission Resources, the two day conference covered topic areas like Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Medicine, Patient Safety, Operations, Risk Management, Community Health, and Public Health.

This month we joined Advanced Egress again for the annual AHEPP (Association of Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Professionals) Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. This two day conference enabled Emergency Preparedness Coordinators, Directors of Public Health Preparedness, Emergency Managers, RN’s, and professionals in the preparedness field to share the latest research and best practices, network, and collaborate on ways to move healthcare preparedness in the US forward.

Both conferences were hailed great successes and we were able to provide a range of solutions to the many issues faced by emergency teams when dealing with the emergency evacuation of immobile individuals, with complex needs.

We’d like to say thank Advanced Egress Solutions for their continued work in promoting our evacuation and rescue solutions across the states and we look forward to continuing forward in our joint mission to enable safe means of escape to the most vulnerable of people.

For more information about Evacuation solutions provided by  Advanced Egress Solutions throughout the USA visit http://advancedegresssolutions.com/