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Are You, Is Your Company Evacuation Ready?

Here are 4 key points to getting there:-


Ensure your plans address the worst case scenario.

Renew and updated your evacuation plans on a regular basis.

Be properly prepared for a full evacuation if needed.


Work out the best equipment for your business/situation.

Look into all available equipment.

Arrange demonstrations at your premises so you can see the equipment at work, be hands on.

Ensure you understand you equipment coverage, too much is a waste of money, too little risks lives.


Properly educate your staff.

“Train the Trainer” in house so the equipment is used as it would be in the event of evacuation.

Use DVDs for follow up or a reminders (not to be used as training alone).

Unsure you staff are aware of their role in the event of an evacuation


Run real-world drills.

Make it as realistic as possible, noise, lighting, shutdown the lifts.

Practise, practise and practise some more.

So are you prepared for your worst case scenario?

Are you evacuation ready?

If not get sorted now; the risks to your staff, residents and business are too high for not being prepared.