The WHAT NOW??? training aid is designed for use during emergency evacuation/ disaster training to simulate a blocked emergency exit and help ensure that staff know where alternative exits are – which is key to reducing panic in a real emergency if the route they expect to use is unavailable.

WHAT NOW??? is the ideal aid for the testing of your emergency procedures, to ensure that they are effective and will work when you most need them.  It’s too late to find your emergency plan doesn’t work during a real emergency situation!

This simple, yet effective solution is instantly recognizable and saves staff being tasked with physically obstructing an exit route during training.

Suitable for use in premises which have large occupancy and multiple escape routes such as Care Homes, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Factories, Prisons, Hotels and Offices. The WHAT NOW features a double sided design, meaning it is visible from both front and back, and a built in fold out stand.