The Techsit E-Tech ESD (Electro Static Dissipative) Chair has been specially designed for use in high electrostatic discharge areas, to help protect the user against static charges and prevent damage to sensitive equipment, while providing ultimate comfort to the user. Available in both a high and low work chair.

Upholstered in ESD fabric containing conductive fibres and featuring special ESD glides (high chair) and ESD castor (low chair), electric charge is dissipated from the user by means of a conductive path from the user, through the chair fabric and down to the ground.

For ultimate user comfort, E-Tech chairs come with a height adjustable and tilt-able, cold-cured moulded foam back in medium, which features a double curvature for ultimate ergonomic fit to the body and a static moulded foam seat.

For further comfort and adjustability, additional extras are available. These include a high backrest or medium sized lumbar pump backrest, fixed D shaped arms or adjustable arms (adjustable for height, width and depth) and an upgraded seat with the choice of independent seat tilt or a synchro seat.

Available in a range of fabric colours.