The Ski Sled evacuation mat is an upgraded version of the popular Ski Pad mattress, with further emphasis on usability. The narrow width and flexibility allows the occupant to be slid through standard doorways, along corridors and down narrow staircases with little effort.

When needed in an emergency the Ski Sled is removed from its wall mountable storage bag, the individual is quickly transferred on to the mat, secured in place using the seatbelt style straps and taken to safety.

The tough, slippery base (which is different to that of the Ski Pad) enables individuals to be moved easily over virtually any internal or external surface. The foam of the Ski Sled has nylon support struts which provide added support and protection to the occupant while being moved.

Other features of the Ski Sled include: four control handles (two each side) for extra manoeuvrability, a large pleated foot pocket, head and foot end ladder handles and three securing cross straps with NHS approved IMMI safety buckles.

It is advised that all persons responsible for using this equipment receives the correct training to do so.

For information on our certified training courses, see or contact us directly.