The Ski Pad evacuation mattress is designed for use in premises where staircases or fire escapes are too narrow to allow for mattress evacuation or in instances where evacuation chairs are not suitable.

Complete within its wipe clean storage bag, the Ski Pad can be wall mounted in rooms, on wards or at the head of staircases. In the event of an emergency the pad is easily removed from its bag by releasing the velcro strap located on the outside of the case and the pad will automatically slide out.

The individual can then be transferred onto the pad, safely secured using the seatbelt style cross straps and taken to safety, even down stairs, using the head and foot end operator handles. The Ski pad should be operated by a minimum of two people.

The Ski Pad is constructed using  tough coated, 5cm thick foam pad, hard-wearing cotton top, high-vis webbing and NHS approved IMMI buckles (metal). 

Modified versions of the Ski Pad can be produced to meet specific needs – contact us with your requirements.

It is advised that all persons responsible for using this equipment receives the correct training to do so.

For information on our certified training courses, see or contact us directly.