The Redbacks Kneeling Pad contains Redbacks patented cushioning leaf - springs.  This scientifically proven system offers support and protection to knees by evenly distributing the user’s body weight and dramatically reducing point pressure - which can lead to housemaid's knee, also known as prepatellar bursitis

The science behind the support lies in the use of a special moulded leaf-spring suspended in an arch by a flexible honeycomb matrix. When pressure is applied directly above the spring it bends, dispersing the pressure and distributing the weight evenly. The matrix provides a holding structure for the spring to control its bend and stabilise the entire structure.

Unlike traditional foam kneeler pads that become permanently compressed over time, the Redbacks Kneeler springs back into shape after use  to offer the same weight distribution, support and protection time after time.  Furthermore the kneeler can be used to sit or stand on to provide anti-fatigue support to the entire body.

Each kneeler comes complete with a fully removable outer case featuring a penetration-resistant, non-slip, waterproof base and carry handle. A cleverly designed window on the case allows the user to see the leaf springs in action.

Designed for long-term use, the Redbacks kneeling pad may be used without its outer case and is suitable for use in dry and damp conditions, as well as on warm or cold surfaces. Both kneeler and case are fully washable at 30°C.

Constructed from TPE Material (Thermoplastic Elastomer) the kneeler is 100% recyclable.