The Olympia Long Board, also known as a back board or spinal board, is a full length, MRI/ X-ray translucent backboard which is suitable for all types of emergency work, including water rescue and it offers full immobilisation of casualties with suspected spinal injuries, when used with patient straps, head and neck immobiliser.

The Olympia Long Board is made from a light weight, foam filled ABS Plastic, which is sealed to resist fluids, chemicals and heat. Its non-slip finish ensures ease of patient transfer and is easy to clean.

Featuring 10 speed clip pins for use with speed clip patient straps and multiple long, wide hand-hold points for improved control.

The Olympia Long Board is compatible with industry standard head and neck immobilisers and patient straps (sold separately) and can be used in conjunction with the Basket Stretcher to ensure the safe transfer into the stretcher and offer complete patient immobilisation.