The SES Micro Stretcher is a revolutionary new foldable carry stretcher, designed to assist in the rapid horizontal and vertical rescue of casualties from hazardous situations, including confined spaces.

Ideal for use by fire and rescue services, ambulance services, commercial and military medics and other ground rescue teams. The Micro stretcher can be easily stored on rescue vehicles, as well as forming part of a backpack configuration for ground rescue personnel.

The construction of the Micro-Stretcher consists of carbon fibre rods containing high tension elastic cord and strengthening inserts, encased in a hardwearing polyester nylon mesh. This special design allows the six foot long Stretcher to collapse into six sections and enables it to fit compactly within a rucksack or small laptop style carry bag.

When needed, the Stretcher is easily removed from its storage bag and automatically forms a full length rigid stretcher in seconds with little effort.

Other features include four carry handles - enabling four rescuer lifting capability, four cross straps, casualty body harness, a foam head pad with head restraint and four anchor points to accommodate hoisting.

The Micro Stretcher comes complete with a detachable strap to enable six rescuer lifting capability and either a backpack or laptop style storage bag. Additional lifting slings are available for purchase separately to enable hoisting.

The Micro Stretcher is available in standard emergency orange, military spec green, sand and black.