Coronavirus update

Following the recent covid-19 announcement regarding the closure of non-essential businesses, we would like to reassure our customers that as suppliers of essential emergency equipment to the healthcare sector, we are still open for business.

While our aim is to continue to provide an uninterrupted service, we will continue to monitor the ever changing situation while taking all necessary steps to ensure the wellbeing of both our staff and customers.

Med Sled SCBU Evacuation Baskets have been specially designed for the safe, secure, emergency movement of premature or high-risk babies from special care baby units.

Each basket system comprises of a light weight basket a cleverly designed backpack featuring four front cross straps - that attach to the basket, chest strap, IV bag clip and an oxygen cylinder/ storage pouch on the back, enabling carers to remain completely hands free to administer care.

Med Sled Evacuation Basket are big enough to accommodate one baby (of varying sizes) and life-sustaining equipment. Other features of the Med Sled baskets include; a cushioned base board, three baby securing cross straps, four corner female buckles and an underside storage compartment to hold additional items such as notes, nappies and feeding materials which may need to be moved with the baby.

The Med Sled SCBU Evacuation basket can be used as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with the SCBU Evacuation Rack system - designed to eliminate the need for infant cots at the alternative care site.

Med Sled SCBU Evacuation Baskets are also available with a small body harness instead of the O2 backpack - see pictures.