Arranged in nine short modules, this DVD allows training to be tailored specifically to the audience in particular premises or departments. The modules cover:

  • Action in the event of fire: Ideal for induction training, this module provides an excellent introduction to fire safety principles.
  • Evacuation: Provides an in-depth description of the actions that should be taken where a progressive horizontal evacuation strategy is employed.
  • Hazard spotting: Describes typical fire hazards and explains the importance of good housekeeping in preventing fires and ensuring safe evacuation.
  • Fire response teams: Describes the typical roles that a fire response team may undertake.
  • Fire extinguishers: Outlines the selection and use of the different types of fire extinguisher.
  • Isolation of oxygen: Highlights the risk presented by oxygen and other medical gases during a fire incident.
  • Emergency preparedness: Investigates how to ensure continued individual care during a major fire incident.
  • Reducing false alarms: Describes the main causes of false alarms from automatic detection systems in healthcare premises and investigates their impact of individual care.
  • Fire safety system maintenance: Describes the importance of maintaining fire safety systems.