The Evac+Chair 900H is a battery-powered, motorised evacuation chair, which enables a single operator to move non-ambulant individuals  up or down multiple flights of stairs, without the need for heavy lifting.

The 900H chair is powered by a 24v rechargeable lithium Ion battery pack, which will last for 150 flights of stairs on one full charge. 

The easy to use operator panel enables the user to control the speed and upward/downward direction of the chair during the evacuation process. 

The powered belt track system reduces manual handling and provides smooth upward/downward travel during the evacuation process.

Ergonomic adjustable handles enable ease of deployment and compact storage. While additional operator handles allow for multiple operators during transportation.

Other features include; 

  • A height adjustable headrest with head strap
  • Quick release lap belt
  • Foot rest
  • High strength aluminium frame
  • Passenger armrests
  • Lockable rear wheels 
  • Compact design for storage.