Bariatric Training Manikins enable healthcare professionals and rescue teams to safely learn and practice techniques used for moving or handling a plus sized patient/ casualty.

Heavy duty in construction, these manikins are suitable for use in a wide range of training scenarios. For example; hoisting/transfer practice within healthcare environments, RTC extrications, rescues and emergency evacuation drills. They're even strong enough to be buried under concrete and steel lintels or placed under a vehicle! 

To help achieve correct weight distribution and fluidity of movement, the bariatric manikins are built up using multiple layers of foam with 1/2 kg packets of steel shot sewn across the layers. Furthermore, each foam layer is covered in durable nylon enabling them to move over each other creating the feel of excess body fat.

Water repellent outer material makes these manikins suitable for wet or foul scenarios such as HAZMAT/ CBRN, along with making them easy to clean after use.

Designed to be used by teams of at least 4-6 people, each manikin is supplied complete with a carry sheet to assist with carrying and positioning the manikin where needed. 

Bariatric training manikins are available in three weights; 90kg (approx. 14 stone - low weight with bariatric bulk and size), 180kg (approx. 28 stone) and 260kg (approx. 41 stone).