The Bariatric EvacMat is designed for the safe evacuation of bariatric and large individuals from locations such as hospital wards or other public or private buildings in the event of an emergency.

Colour coded cross straps keep the individual securely cocooned and the body weight held in place, making the movement of the EvacMat more stable. While a large foot pocket with adjustable fastenings help to stop the user sliding down the mat when being moved.

To help personnel maintain a good working posture the EvacMat has head and side ladder handles and positioning grab handles, to further assist there are a number of anchor points with can be used with ropes for difficult descents.

It’s tough, slippery Polyethylene base board allows it to be moved easily over indoor and outdoor surfaces for both horizontal and vertical evacuation.

Part of the 'SKI' range of evacuation products. 'SKI' is a Registered Trade Mark with in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the EU.

Registered European Union Trade Mark No. 13737135. Registered Great Britain and Northern Ireland Trade Mark No.2560233.