The ErgoRaiser Is Here!

Spectrum Healthcare (UK) Ltd is delighted to announce the long anticipated launch of their exciting new ergonomically designed limb support . . . the ErgoRaiser™,  – sister product to the highly successful ErgoKneeler™.

What is the ErgoRaiser?

The ErgoRaiser is a modular limb support designed to address the postural and comfort needs of both patient/client and practitioner. It is easy to use, has superior infection control properties and low maintenance costs.

Offering a versatile range of elevations and angles of support, the unique ErgoRaiser™ can provide comfortable support for a limb from either floor level or from raised surfaces such as a plinth, bed or table. Its sturdy construction can also assist the practitioner in having both hands free to carry out the required health/care procedure.

The ErgoRaiser is moulded in antimicrobial polyethylene and polyurethane, with smooth lines and an open design to ensure all areas are accessible for efficient and effective cleaning. The multi-positional, easy to clean support pad eliminates the ongoing expense and environmental impact of disposable slings, making the ErgoRaiser™ both economical and eco-friendly.

The top module and support pad may be stowed within the lower module for secure storage and its integral handle enables easy moving and handling in all situations. Weighing only 2kg, the ErgoRaiser carries a maximum safe working load of 80kg in all configurations.

When used at floor level in conjunction with its sister product the ErgoKneeler™, the two devices form an effective system for managing the physical difficulties and postural stresses  associated with low-working and kneeling posture. Even so, the ErgoRaiser™also works great with other kneeling aids or simply by itself.

The ErgoRaiser™ is designed, developed and manufactured entirely in the United Kingdom. 

Where can the ErgoKneeler be used?

There are many settings within health and social care, and within the wider community, where the ErgoRaiser™ can have a very useful application. For example:

Within Acute Healthcare: hospital wards, outpatient departments, accident & emergency, leg ulcer clinics, tissue viability, fracture clinics, plaster rooms, podiatry, orthotics, phlebotomy, sonography, physiotherapy, occupational therapy.

Within Community healthcare: GP surgeries, clinics, domiciliary and community care, day centres, nursing and care homes, occupational health and ‘Return to Work’ programmes, private practices (podiatry & chiropody, foot healthcare, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, osteopathy, reflexology), specialist shoe and orthotic providers.

Within the wider communitysport clinics, sport clubs, beauty & nail salons, leisure centres ……. and many more.

The ErgoRaiser is available from Spectrum Healthcare in a variety of purchasing options and is set to be officially launched during the National Back Exchange Conference, where we will be both exhibiting and  holding a workshop.  For more information visit or email