The Bariatric EvacMat is a TV Star once again!

The Bariatric EvacMat is fast becoming a celebrity. Earlier in the year it appeared in Channel 4’s Bigger Body Squad and it has just made an appearance in an episode of BBC Scotland’s River City.

In this programme, a main character on the show, Big Bob, needs to be rushed to hospital when he developed chest pains and difficulties with his breathing. An ambulance crew arrive on the scene but are unable to move Bob due to his size, so a specialist Bariatric Ambulance and Crew are needed… Enter the Bariatric EvacMat! This well scripted scene shows what the Emergency Services can be faced with and how distressing these situations can be for the individuals involved.

Available to watch on BBC iPlayer until 23rd December 2014.

Pictures from the show can be found on our Facebook page.