Tagevac Launched in the US

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It was an absolute pleasure to join our US distributor, Advanced Egress Solutions, at the  2019 Emergency Preparedness Conference in Washington (23-25th April), for the launch of the Tagevac evacuation tracking system, into the USA.

The event sets out to help prepare organisations for emergencies and disasters through greater development and practiced management and execution of their emergency operation plans. 

The Tagevac evacuation system was a big hit with delegates, many of whom were not satisfied with their current system or had no reliable system in place at all.

Tagevac provides its users with a fast and reliable method to checking ‘designated’ zones within any building or group of buildings are clear following an evacuation, without the need for time consuming roll/name calls.

This information is reported back to a central Tag control board, where fire wardens/marshals and Fire & Rescue Service personnel can instantly identify which areas of the building have been cleared in ‘real time’, helping them to prioritise their actions accordingly. 

How it works:

  • Prior to installation, each building is split into controllable evacuation zones.

  • A tag station, containing a removable metal tag, is then placed in a fixed location outside that zone. Each zone is colour coded and has a unique reference. The tag control board also contains this zone information.

  • In an emergency evacuation, a designated fire warden will check their zone(s) using the sweep method to ensure no persons are within it.

  • Once confident the zone is clear, the fire warden will then remove the TAG from the zone’s designated ‘TAG Station’ - marking the zone as clear and takes it to the incident control point.

  • Once at the control point the Tag is placed on the central tag control board to indicate that the zone has been checked.

  • Each zone is colour coded and has a unique reference to help remove any confusion during the evacuation process.

  • The clear information panels within the Tag control board will help personnel identify which areas of the building have been cleared.

Simply put, while you’re in the building you can tell in an instant if a specific area has been checked by a quick look at the tag station and once you’re safely outside , a quick glance at the control board means you have a reliable overview of the situation.

For more information on Tagevac visit https://www.spectrumhealthcare.co.uk/products/tagevac-evacuation-system for UK Enquiries or http://advancedegresssolutions.com/product/tagevac-evacuation-system/  for US Enquiries