Ski Slide Pad

At Spectrum Healthcare (UK) Ltd we work closely with healthcare professionals and organisations to make sure we understand and can respond to the needs of our customers.

One major concern across the healthcare sector, is how to move a patient in the event of an emergency, whilst still following correct moving and handling procedures – reducing the risk of injury to both service user and staff.

Reports from the Health & Safety Executive show that in health and social care services, moving and handling injuries account for 40% of work-related sickness absence. Around 5000 moving and handling injuries are reported each year in health services and around 2000 in social care.

With this in mind, Spectrum Healthcare has recently launched the Ski Slide Pad, an evacuation pad which features a built in slide sheet, for ease of transfer from bed/floor onto the pad— this is especially useful for individuals who require greater assistance during the transfer process.

In the event of an emergency, the Ski-Slide-Pad is easily removed from its storage bag. The individual is quickly transferred on to the Ski-Slide-Pad, using the slide sheet and then secured onto the device with the seatbelt style straps.

The Ski Slide Pad’s polyethylene base allows the pad to be pulled easily over most surfaces and is easy to control when going down a staircase. Its 2.5cm padding protects the service user from bumps and bruises when being moved.

During a recent product evaluation day, at the Bath Royal United Hospital, the Ski Slide Pad received great praise from healthcare professionals who also found that the pad helped to resolve the moving and handling issues associated with the evacuation of a patient who needs to be completely immobilised, due to neck or back injuries, without the need for heavy lifting and carrying by staff.

Delegates achieved this was by transferring the patient onto a scoop stretcher, complete with neck immobiliser and spider strap fastening – to immobilise the patient and secure them in place, and from there they transferred the patient (on the board) onto the Ski Slide Pad, where they were wrapped in the Pad’s slide sheets and secured on the pad using the cross straps.

Delegates were then able to slide the patient off the bed, through corridors and down stairs easily and with the patient completely immobilised.


A major concern across the healthcare sector is the reduction in budgets due to ongoing government funding cuts. As a result there has been a huge demand for equipment from those on a ‘small budget’, which have the same quality and functionality as some of the bigger, better known brands. Another product launched recently by Spectrum Healthcare the Evac-E-Pad may help to tick those boxes.

The Evac-E-Pad is designed for the emergency evacuation of individuals to a safe area. Ideal for use in confined spaces such as congested hospital wards and buildings with narrow corridors and staircases.

The Evac-E-Pad, in its wall mountable, wipe clean bag, consists of a 3.8cm thick pad with a low friction durable vinyl base, which helps it to move over most interior and exterior surfaces. A polyurethane top complete with a foot pocket, to prevent the individual sliding forwards when going down stairs. Two seat belt style webbing cross straps, complete with plastic safety buckles, secure the individual in place and webbing pulling handles at each end allow staff to manoeuvre the pad and slide the service user to a safe area.

Spectrum Healthcare’s innovative products are designed with the safety of individuals or residents in mind, as well as the postural comfort of the carer. Our aim is to supply our customers with high quality products, at the lowest possible prices, whilst providing the best possible level of service.

Many products in our range can be modified for the varying needs of our customers. If, for example, you are looking for evacuation equipment for young children we can produce smaller versions or increase the padding for the safe and secure movement of people with conditions such as brittle bones.

If you have questions about any of the products on our website, or want to discuss a specific need or training requirement please do not hesitate to contact us.

Originally published in Means of Escape, August 2014.