Introducing Babsnec the support head rest.

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At Spectrum Healthcare (UK) Ltd we are always looking for new and innovative pieces of equipment to add to our existing product range. One such piece of equipment which we have introduced this year is “Babsnec” the ergonomically designed head and neck rest.

Creator Barbara Moakes told us “I had been suffering with chronic neck pain, which made trying to relax in a chair or sitting up in bed to watch TV or read quite an ordeal. I couldn’t find anything that would solve my problem, so I decided to try to design and make myself my own support cushion”.

Barbara came up with the simple, but effective idea of a cushioned headboard, which can be attached to any bed, sofa or chair and from this idea the “Babsnec” was born.Image title

The ‘D’ shape design of the Babsnec helps to eliminate upper body aching, headaches and nausea associated with sitting upright against vertical surfaces - such as reading in bed whilst resting against standard headboards, which causes the head and neck to be pushed forward in an unnatural position and can lead to postural stressing to the neck and spine.

The Babsnec has also proved beneficial to individuals who  need to spend time resting upright to ease the symptoms of conditions such as asthma, angina, heartburn and acid reflux.

“There was nothing like it, available on the open market so I decided to put it to market myself. I had never done anything like this before, but now 6 years on and a lot of prototypes, a logo, a trade name and a Patent Pending plus a great British manufacturer I have finally made a dream a reality”.Image title

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