Don't let knee pain become a big problem with the Redbacks kneeling pad

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If you do a lot of kneeling through your job or hobby, chances are you have experienced aching pains and discomfort in and around your knees. This is caused by the repetitive pressure to that area.

Ignoring these early signs and continuing to kneel excessively without knee protection, can lead to swelling, heat, redness and pain over the knee cap.  At this stage it may become very difficult to bend your knee, kneel or even walk without great discomfort.

These symptoms can be attributed to something called Housemaids Knee, also known as Prepatellar Bursiti. Which in simple terms is inflammation of the fluid-filled cavity covering the kneecap (bursitis). Other factors  can cause Housemaids Knee such as direct sudden injury to the knee, Infection, gout and rheumatoid arthritis.

Recovery time from Housemaids Knee will depend on the severity of the injury, your age, health, and if you have suffered previous knee trauma. Most doctors will recommend anti-inflammatory treatments and rest in order for the bursitis to heal - this can be very costly for those unable to continue working due to the condition.

It's important to note that  failing to allow the bursitis to heal or not protecting the once injured knee during kneeling tasks, puts you at risk of having recurring problems in the future .

Can Housemaids knee be prevented?

The short answer – YES!

If you undertake activities that involve kneeling for a long time or frequently, you should take care to protect your knees from direct pressure build up. In such cases, you should use Kneeling devices such as kneeling mats or knee pads.

Kneeling aids should especially be used by people who have already suffered an episode of housemaid's knee, in order to prevent it from coming back.

When choosing a kneeling device it’s important to choose one that evenly distributes your weight and does not become compressed over time – adequate support and protection in the long term is essential!

How the Redbacks™ cushioning kneeling Pad can help.

The Redbacks™ Kneeling Pad contains unique patented cushioning leaf springs, which provide support to the knees by suspension rather than compression.  This scientifically proven system distributes body weight throughout the pad and dramatically reduces point pressure in the knee.

The science behind the support lies in the use of a special moulded leaf-spring suspended in an arched shape by a flexible honeycomb matrix. When pressure is applied directly above the spring, it bends, dispersing the pressure and distributing the weight throughout. The matrix provides a holding structure for the spring to control its bend and stabilises the entire structure.

Unlike a traditional foam kneeling pad/mat that lose shape and become permanently compressed over time, the Redbacks™ Kneeler springs back after use to offer the same weight distribution, support and protection time after time.

Redbacks™ kneeling pad is suitable for use indoors and outdoors, in dry and damp conditions, as well as on warm or cold surfaces, making it the ideal multipurpose kneeler. Furthermore it can be used to sit or stand on to provide anti-fatigue support to the entire body!

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