The Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy is an easy to throw rescue device that has the aerodynamics of a large frisbee. It has a sealed flotation chamber with approximately 2kg of buoyancy that will keep the head of a 91kg individual above water as they are pulled to safety by the rescuer. The 24.5 mtr of line wound around the outside diameter of the disc uncoils, as it spins while sailing through its flight path. The bright yellow rope floats on the surface and can pull over 136kg through the water.

In an emergency situation the rescuer grabs the looped end of the rope then throws the disc past the person in distress and pulls it back towards the individual. The distressed individual can grab the disc and then be steadily pulled to safety, through water or ice, by the rescuer.

After the rescue, the line is recoiled around the outside diameter of the disc, and it is ready to be used again.

Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy is easy to transport and can be stored in a convenient location in your boat, car, or in your pool/lake area.

The Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy is essential equipment which can be used by emergency services personnel, lifeguards, sailors, fishermen, and almost anyone who engages in outdoor activities.