Spectrum Healthcare (UK) Ltd is delighted to introduce their exciting new ergonomically designed limb support. Due to be launched in early 2017, the ErgoRaiser™ is a sister product to the highly successful ErgoKneeler™.

With its versatile range of elevations and angles of support, the unique ErgoRaiser™ can enable patients, including many with limited joint mobility and strength, to have their limb more comfortably supported in a raised position. This can help promote the musculoskeletal health and well-being of both patient and practitioner and offers a more comfortable, efficient and interactive experience for both parties.

Featuring a lightweight (current estimation approximately 2kg) and modular in design, the ErgoRaiser™ may be easily assembled and placed in a variety of supportive positions and heights of elevation. Designed to support a limb from either floor level or raised surfaces, such as a plinth, bed or table, its sturdy construction ensures stable support thereby freeing the hands of the practitioner to carry out the required procedure. By enabling improved working heights for the practitioner a reduction in static stooping can be facilitated, alleviating the stressing of spinal tissues and associated backache.

Moulded in strong polyethylene and polyurethane, and incorporating an active antibacterial agent throughout, the smooth lines and open design ensure that all areas are accessible for efficient and effective cleaning. The multi-positional support pad eliminates the ongoing expense and environmental impact of disposable slings, enabling the ErgoRaiser™ to be both economic and eco-friendly.

The integral handles ensure the ErgoRaiser™ is easy to move and handle and the top module and pad may be stowed within the lower module to aid transportation or storage.

The ErgoRaiser™ is designed, developed and manufactured entirely in the United Kingdom - European Community Registered Design No. 002775023-0001.